My Manifestation Skills Need A Little Work

Kara B. Imle
4 min readAug 26, 2022

I like my alone-time. It’s best enjoyed outdoors. Heading off into the woods to hike, camp or just sit with a tree in meditation sounds like bliss to me. I once lived on a small island off the coast of Washington in a cabin situated in a patch of old-growth forest. I spent a year there, mostly alone, and I’ve been hungering for a similar experience lately.

I’ve also been working on manifesting. Realizing I’m not living my best life, I thought to bring in the things I most want and need: financial security, joy, friendship and of course, time alone in a small cabin in the woods.

I seriously need to work on my manifesting skills.

Recently my partner and I traveled to Alaska to visit my family. It was fun having him see the place where I grew up and meet all the people closest to me. We explored my hometown, went fishing, picked blueberries, and hung out with my best friends.

Midway through the trip, we started to feel a little tired, and I chalked it up to all the activity and the constant chilly rain Alaska was treating us to. He left for home while I had another week to go; after dropping him at the airport, I headed back to my friends’ place and crashed, totally exhausted. Terrible headache, too.

“Do you think it’s Covid?” I thought to ask the next morning as I dragged myself into the kitchen. My friend stopped mid-sniffle and stared. “Ugh,” she said and went to get a home test out of storage. Miraculously, none of us had had it yet. We tested positive. I called my partner at home; he tested positive, too. I called to let my parents know, since I had another five days with them.

“Alright,” said Mom. “You can sleep in the cabin.” And that’s how I got my wish for some time alone in a cabin in the woods. But I wasn’t necessarily cognizant of being there all the time; I slept the first 20 hours of my wilderness experience, and the second 24 hours went by in a daze of hacking, spitting, headaching misery. But by day 4, I began to exit the fog enough to sit on the porch, watch the sun travel around above the rain clouds, and listen to the wind rustle the birch…



Kara B. Imle

Memoirist, poet, shamanic practitioner currently residing on Turtle Island.